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July 8, 2021
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How many times have you been paging furiously through a novel that's brilliantly plotted, paced, and populated by richly layered characters—and suddenly found yourself dreaming of watching the action play out onscreen?

It's not always just a dream.

When the stars align just right and creative energies merge, authors and publishers join in harmony with producers, directors, and actors. That's when the magic happens, bringing your favorite books to vibrant life beyond the page. Whether the movies and shows do justice to the stories that inspired them? That's up to every reader-turned-viewer to decide.

We want to tell you about some recent releases and up-and-comers on our radar that you'll definitely want to tune in for. And while we're big proponents of books (go figure), it's perfectly acceptable to seek out the book after you've enjoyed the movie or binged the show. In fact, we know just where you can get great deals on books of all kinds—whether they're destined for the big screen, the small screen, or just the screen inside your mind.

Read It, Watch It, Love It

Here are nine book adaptations we're excited about! 

  1. Black Widow. Marvel Comics fans are in for an action-packed adventure in nail-biting spy thriller coming to theaters and Disney+! For readers too young for the PG-13 movie, this book serves as a great introduction to superhero Natasha Romanoff—stickers included! 
  2. Gossip Girl. This hit show has jumped on the reboot train, and the wicked and witty books that started it all are still just as satisfying as ever. Start with the first book in the series, and don't even bother trying to pace yourself.
  3. Fear Street. The first of three movies inspired by the series of harrowing high school horror novels by R.L. Stine has made a splash on Netflix. While you're waiting for the release of the next two films, make sure to revisit the Fear Street books—they're scarier than you remember! 
  4. Space Jam: A New Legacy. If you were a kid in the '90s, Space Jam was your jam. An all-new movie is on the big screen for a whole new generation. This book is a fun read before or after you take in the movie.
  5. Nine Perfect Strangers. Liane Moriarty knows how to weave an intricate web of characters, secrets, mystery, and intrigue. The novel is so deftly plotted and filled with charismatic characters, it's no wonder Hulu rushed to grab the rights. The new series is set to debut next month.
  6. The Kissing Booth. When it's done well, young adult romance fiction begs to be lifted from the page and brought to life onscreen. The Kissing Booth series by Beth Reekles is a prime example, blending reality and relatability with humor and heart. A Netflix film based on the books is coming soon.
  7. Deep Water. In this unsettling novel about a loveless marriage, a husband's jealousy, and the chilling reality behind the facade of American suburban life, Patricia Highsmith lays out a story that's compulsively readable. Throw in a murder, and the upcoming movie hits all the right notes for fans of psychological thrillers.
  8. Dear Evan Hansen. You've no doubt heard great things about the stage production of this coming-of-age story, whose accolades include a Tony Award, a Grammy Award, and an Olivier Award—plus tons of praise from musical theater aficionados. Well, you can also enjoy it in book form while you await the September release of a movie adaptation! Don't worry; with a story this compelling, you'll be forgiven for seeking out Dear Evan Hansen in every incarnation.
  9. Dune. A BAM! Exclusive Edition of Frank Herbert's legendary science fiction masterpiece is on your wish list, you say? Well, we've got you covered there! You won't find this evocative Dune cover anywhere else, and you'll definitely want to reread the book (or discover it for the first time) before the epic film debuts in October.

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