Shopping Secrets for a Stress-Free Holiday

November 2, 2021
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"Christmas comes earlier every year," people say—and they're not wrong. Particularly this year.

At the stroke of midnight on Halloween, something magical happened. The holiday season arrived. Sudden? Absolutely. Early? You bet. And if you weren't prepared for this seasonal whiplash, then you might be scrambling a bit to shift your focus. After all, it's hard to think in terms of Christmas trees and gift lists when your trick-or-treat stash is still mostly intact.

Enter Books-A-Million.

We're here to help you embrace a holiday shopping season that's ramping up earlier than ever. Not only that, but we want to help you tackle your gift list NOW so you can sit back and actually enjoy the season! Skeptics, keep reading while we address some of your most important concerns.

Will I Get My Gifts in Time?

You've no doubt been hearing horror stories about shipping delays and supply chain disruptions scary enough to rival the most chilling Stephen King novel and Junji Ito manga.

It's true, the pandemic threw off the delicate balance of manufacturing, shopping, and shipping, leaving a big question mark hovering over what would otherwise be the traditional holiday-shopping window.

It's a good thing you're here.

When you purchase any in-stock item, it will be packed and shipped within 24 hours! Need it in your hands even faster? Buy online at a store near you and pick it up at your convenience. That's peace of mind you can't put a price tag on.

Do You Have What I Need? 

Books-A-Million prepared well and early for this unprecedented holiday season. In a store near you or on our website from the comfort of your own home, we have stock in the hottest books, toys, collectibles, gifts—and yes, gift cards—you need to make your holiday season merry, bright, and perhaps most importantly, stress-free!

...but I Like to Give the BEST Gifts.

Of course you do! Lucky for you, that's our specialty. Our experts know what's hot and trending this year and have stocked up on perfect picks for all ages and interests. Our handpicked items are foolproof hits for young readers, manga maniacs, pop culture aficionados, kitchen masters, history buffs, romantics, fiction fans, and everyone else on your list.

Where Do I Start? 

In a store near you or on our website! Our holiday gift guide and pop culture guide are here to help you navigate your holiday shopping like a pro. That's a secret worth sharing.

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