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Expert Picks

You Are an Artist

April 11, 2020
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With over a quarter of Americans working from home, the desire to be creative is sparking. It can be difficult when you don't normally channel your creative side. NPR wrote about 5 Easy Art Projects To Enjoy During Your Social Distancing, and one of them featured Sarah Urist Green's new book You Are an Artist. She spent years discussing different artistic prompts with artists of all different mediums to include in her book. The goal is to take the fear out of creating: it's okay if you're a bad at it. No one is expecting you to become the next Picasso while social distancing. But art heals, and Green has formed a book of projects that can be shared virtually while done alone. The workbook features the artist's approach to creating, which helps inspire how you choose to create during this time. Why not make something beautiful... or at least make something, beautiful or not?

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