Top 5 Kids Books to Read This Fall

August 12, 2021
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A child who loves books is one lucky kid. After all, books have all the answers and can magically solve every problem you could possibly encounter along the bumpy road of life. (We said it, and we're standing by it.) Of course, getting kids to turn off their screens and start turning pages is sometimes easier said than done. That's why it's important to find books that speak to the individual—a tip that goes for readers of all ages.

Below, we've gathered some of our top picks for kids that are coming out this fall. Our brilliant book experts have whittled down the massive list to spotlight their top five, but there are lots more where these came from. Fall is a big time for new releases, and if your kids enjoy these, we've got so much more in store for them! Once they're hooked, your young readers will be ready to explore the wide world of reading adventure that awaits them.

1. Diary of A Wimpy Kid Book 16: Big Shot

This international bestselling series by Jeff Kinney is an easy sell even for reluctant readers, with funny and engaging characters and kid-friendly plots and pacing. In the latest book in the series, Big Shot, Greg lands a spot on the worst basketball team around. Will he rise to the occasion, or will this prove once and for all that he and sports just don't mix? Coming this fall, this book is guaranteed to score big among fans old and new.

2. Cat Kid Comic Club #2: Perspectives

Fans of Dav Pilkey's hilarious Dog Man series will find themselves just as devoted to Cat Kid Comic Club! Perspectives is the second installment of this wildly entertaining graphic novel series that introduces the art of comic making to 21 funny and spirited baby frogs.

3. Daughter of the Deep

Rick Riordan, bestselling author of the Percy Jackson series and The Kane Chronicles, debuts an exciting new take on the Jules Verne classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. In Daughter of the Deep, high school freshman Ana Dakkar leads her classmates on a perilous undersea mission that will test skills, strengthen friendships, and unearth astounding discoveries.

4. Change Sings: A Children's Anthem

Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman won many hearts with the reading of her powerful poem at President Biden's inauguration. Now, the supremely talented young woman has released a highly anticipated storybook that combines lyrical text and captivating illustrations sure to move and inspire children of all ages.

5. The Last Kids on Earth and the Doomsday Race

The seventh book in this popular series is quite possibly the best one yet. Funny, wild, and filled with thrilling adventures, this installment of The Last Kids on Earth takes Jack Sullivan and his friends into a thriving monster society called Mallusk City. When the city falls under attack, newly elected Mayor Jack must put his leadership skills to the ultimate test before it's too late! 

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