Top 5 #HorrorTok Hits for Halloween

October 4, 2021
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Horror fans, have we got some treats for you! 

October marks a month full of frightful fun, delightful chills, and the most irresistibly scary stories just begging to be read.

The best ones, of course, are the tales that make you pull the covers tight, turn on an extra lamp, double check your locks, and reach for the comfort of a furry friend. They're the stories that keep you on edge with the turn of every suspense-laden page and linger with you long after you've closed the book and tucked it away for the night.

With no further ado, here are some of our favorite books that have TikTok abuzz with the Halloweeny hashtag #HorrorTok!

1. The Final Girl Support Group – In horror movies, the final girls are the ones left standing when the credits roll. They made it through the worst night of their lives … but what happens after? This book focuses on a group of survivors who are working to overcome the trauma of their most horrific experiences. When it becomes clear that someone is out to destroy what they've built, will these fighters manage to come out on top one more time?

2. House of Leaves – This is a book like no other, one that makes the reader question what’s real and what’s relevant. It’s a riveting journey founded on a seemingly straightforward horror premise: a family living in a house that’s far more than meets the eye. Readers instantly become absorbed in the maze of narrative and notes, color coding and unconventional formatting, as this book casts its strangely irresistible spell.

3. The Haunting of Leigh Harker – Bestselling horror novelist Darcy Coates never fails to bring the chills! This haunting tale of a quiet house that harbors a deadly secret will keep you reading well past your bedtime ... if you dare.

4. A Head Full of Ghosts – This award-winning thriller is a brilliant blend of supernatural horror and psychological suspense. Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl's descent into madness turned her family's home into a house of horrors. But was it mental illness—or something far more sinister? Now, an interview with the girl's younger sister unearths horrifying secrets and reveals mind-bending truths.

5. The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires – Move over, Buffy—the members of a Charleston women's book club can take it from here! Join them in a battle to save their small Southern town from a mysterious newcomer whose charms are nothing compared to his bloodlust.

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