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Expert Picks

My Dark Vanessa

April 10, 2020
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The New York Times did a list of the 9 Books They Recommend this week, and My Dark Vanessa stood out amongst the rest. At just 15, Vanessa enters into a sexual relationship with her 42-year-old teacher. He claims to love her for her emotional intelligence and creativity, which is how she still remembers it 20 years later. But when the accusations of his other young, female students start to come forward, Vanessa is forced to look back and wonder if it really happened as consensually as she remembers. Was it the love story she has always believed it to be, or a case of heartbreaking abusing? The #MeToo movement has rocked the way we look at sexual assault and consent, and My Dark Vanessa captures the complexities of consent and survival beautifully. A timely story of the power of social media and the gut-wrenching hardships of female agency, this book reframes victimhood and what it means to survive.

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