Father's Day Gifts for Every Dad

June 1, 2021
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Father's Day is on its way—June 20, to be exact. Are you ready to brighten up your #1 dad's day? 

No two dads are just the same, which is part of what we love about them—but it can also make them hard to shop for. That's where our gift guide comes in. To make the hunt for the perfect Father's Day gift a no-brainer, we've gathered a few of our favorite gift items that are sure to please your pop—no matter what he's into.

For the Literary Dad

Whether your dad is absorbed in a literary classic or the latest thriller from a popular author, he's happiest when he has a book in hand. What better way to celebrate his love of reading than by choosing his Father's Day gift from Books-A-Million? Books are our specialty, after all, and we have it on good authority (our expert book buyers) that he'll love these recent releases.

For the Sports Fan

He lives for football, basketball, and baseball—and in the off-season, you might catch him glued to a televised horseshoe tournament. These books will be big winners for your sports-loving dad. We've got lots more where these came from!

For the Faith-Led Dad

Prayer books, devotionals, faith journals, and other inspirational gifts will help your faith-filled father enrich his own spiritual life. Here are a few of our favorites, but make sure to browse our complete selection on our website:

For the Grillmaster

He probably doesn't need another Kiss the Cook apron, but if your dad likes to create chefworthy meals over an open flame, then these books will help him indulge his inner Bobby Flay.

For the History Buff

If your dad lives by the old adage "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it," then we've got the books he needs! From war stories to the fight for America's first frontier, these gifts are sure to fuel his fascination with yesterday.

For the Manga Maniac

Manga fans come in all forms—even dads. Whether he's just discovering the call of manga or he's eyeball-deep in an ongoing series he loves, feed his need for the Japanese graphic novels that have taken the reading world by storm. Here are a few of our top picks, but check out our whole selection here.

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