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Expert Picks

9 of the Best Non-Fiction Titles Coming in January 2017

January 4, 2017
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We finally made it. 2016 is over. It was rough, but it's time to dust ourselves off and get 2017 started off right. And the best way to do that is with new books!2017 promises a ton of great new books, and we’re excited to share what’s on our reading list. Today, we’ll focus on some of January’s biggest non-fiction titles.

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes by Brad Ricca

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes Book Cover

Grace Humiston was a real-life detective and lawyer living in New York City in the early 20th century. She was intelligent, cunning, and dedicated, earning herself the nickname “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes.” Brad Ricca spins a capturing tale of how a single woman defied gender norms by entering a man’s world and investigating brutal homicides. Click here to buy.

Three Days in January by Bret Baier and Catherine Whitney

Three Days in January Book Cover

Most American citizens are aware of the name Eisenhower. It’s needless to say he’s famous. But some may not be aware of his farewell address in which he warned about the rising influence of the military-industrial complex. Baier and Whitney explore and reexamine the final days of the Eisenhower presidency and the transfer of power to John F. Kennedy. Click here to buy.

A Consequential President by Michael D’Antonio

A Consequential President Book Cover

If you’re sad to see President Obama leave office, A Consequential President will give you a chance to take a stroll down memory lane through his two terms. D’Antonio, a Putlitzer Prize-winning author, highlights the 44th president’s accomplishments, failures, and impact in an uncompromising Washington, D.C.Click here to buy.

Unprecedented: The Election that Changed Everything by Thomas Lake

Unprecedented: The Election that Changed Everything Book Cover

Thomas Lake and Jodi Enda write up a review of one of the most controversial presidential campaigns in the history of the institution. Using CNN’s vast media archives and first-hand reporter experience, Lake lays bare the issues, the people, the controversies, and the rhetoric of the election. It’s the book that cuts through the confusion and makes sense of the final result.Click to buy.

The Meaning of Michelle edited by Veronica Chambers

The Meaning of Michelle book cover

The 44th isn’t the only influential Obama in the White House. Veronica Chambers and a diverse group of contributors explore the cultural importance of Michelle Obama. The collection of essays examine FLOTUS through a variety of different lenses, broadcasting her strength, intelligence, beauty, and style in a city known for its nastiness. Readers can look forward to excellent writing from feminist thinker Roxane Gay and Hamilton star Phillipa Soo.Click here to buy.

Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash

Letters to a Young Muslim Book Cover

Omar Saif Ghobash, ambassador of the UAE to Russia, passes on his accumulated wisdom to his son and readers. He sheds new light on a religion that often gets a bad rap. In his book, Ghobash discusses what it means to be a good Muslim and the struggle to define Islam in the 21st century, the impact of extremism and terrorism, and the struggles of Muslims across the globe.Click here to buy.

Tears We Cannot Stop by Michael Eric Dyson

Tears We Cannot Stop Book Cover

In Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America, Michael Eric Dyson goes to great lengths to clearly explain his black grievances. Using his own experiences, his message comes through both powerfully and masterfully.Click here to buy.

The Way of the Strangers by Graeme Wood

The Way of the Strangers Book Cover

Graeme Wood is a contributing editor at Atlantic and the man behind the article What ISIS Really Wants. Expanding upon his original article, The Way of the Strangers attempts to provide invaluable insights into the appeal of the Caliphate for those who join its ranks. Click here to buy.

My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King's book cover

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an extraordinary man, but he wasn’t the only person responsible for the great impact of the civil rights movement. In My Life, My Love, My Legacy Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds tells Mrs. King’s incredible story in her own words. Beginning with her childhood in the Deep South, the book follows King’s life at the center of the civil rights movement and her continued advocacy after his assassination.Click here to buy.

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