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Expert Picks

8 Books Recommended on My Favorite Murder

September 9, 2019
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You're in a cult, call your dad. Murderinos everywhere tune in twice a week for My Favorite Murder, starring Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. It's equal parts brutal murder and laugh-so-hard-you-feel-sick comedy, with Karen and Georgia feeling like your long losts big sisters sitting with you on your commute. They spend the first half of the podcast just telling you what's going on in their life: from their therapy sessions to their pets, listeners look forward to their weekly check in.Not to be too much of a fangirl, but when they recommend something, I listen. Last week Karen talked about how much she loved

Travels by Narrowboat, about a man named Kevin who embarks on a voyage of exploration along the canals of the UK, towards his short-term goal of the city of Chester - all the while transforming from a stressed and exhausted figure of a man, and enjoying pork pies and bacon sandwiches. Have I ever wanted to watch a show about taking a narrowboat down canals? Absolutely not. Did I immediately turn it on after work because I trust Karen implicitly? Yes I did. Did I love it? Of course.

So if you're anything like me, we've gathered together ten books recommended on My Favorite Murder!

1. Furious Hours

2. Pretty Girls

3. Station Eleven

4. Tiny Beautiful Things

5. Chaos

6. Sun Down Motel

7. Vanishing Stair

8. The Man From the Train

Stay sexy and don't get murdered!

(And stay out of the forest.)

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