3 Books You Need On Your Shelf: A Shelfworthy Sampler

April 22, 2021
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Some books are simply special. For whatever reason—their profound life lessons, their thought-provoking ideas, their unforgettable characters—these books find a way into your heart and stay there forever.

That’s what Shelfworthy is all about. The concept leans upon the well-earned insights of Books-A-Million’s experienced buyers, literary experts who have an unmatched understanding not just of the books themselves but of our customers and what matters to them. That means you can turn to any Shelfworthy book, across a variety of categories, and find something that speaks to your values, your interests, your sense of self.

We recently introduced you to Shelfworthy, our thoughtfully curated collections of books with substance and staying power. Below, we’d like to get you started with a closer look at three books our buyers deem Shelfworthy. When you’re ready to explore more of these special books, we invite you to browse the complete selection online or visit your nearest Books-A-Million location and look for the eye-catching displays. We think you’ll find plenty to love.

Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir

This haunting memoir by Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Natasha Trethewey has received so many well-earned accolades that its “Shelfworthiness” almost speaks for itself. But we’ll tell you about it anyway. At once heartbreaking and inspirational, the book explores a 19-year-old girl’s reckoning with grief over her mother’s murder, a tragedy that helped shape the renowned poet she became. In an interview with BookPage*, Trethewey said: “The memory of my living mother grows every day; it continues to grow.” Memorial Drive is a reminder that love is an organic thing, one that continues to thrive—and even deepen—long after its object has departed this life.

The Song of Achilles

Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles is a fresh revisiting of Homer’s Greek classic, The Iliad, through the eyes of the title character’s devoted companion, Patroclus. This extraordinarily original work brings the Trojan War to vibrant life while interweaving elements of myth, romance, breathtaking action, and riveting suspense. According to a BookPage review:

Miller’s novel has poetic touches, and the world is one that readers of Homer will recognize, but she imagines it in a more personal light: through the lens of the friendship and eventual love story between Patroclus, a disgraced Greek prince, and the warrior Achilles, a demigod with a tragic destiny. Patroclus narrates the novel, and the strong bond between him and Achilles provides an intimate counterpoint to the epic chronicle of the Trojan War.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked the mole.

“Kind,” said the boy.

It is with this type of gentle message that British illustrator, artist, and author Charlie Mackesy wowed readers of all ages with this New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling children’s book. Filled with much-needed hope and inspiration, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is a book that’s chock-full of life lessons and insights worth sharing and discussing.

 *BookPage is an independent reading and recommendation guide that covers every genre. Pick up the latest issue for free at a BAM! store near you!

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