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June 20, 2024
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June Booksellers’ Picks

We're more than just Booksellers; we're your guides to the wondrous world of literature! Our passion for books goes beyond the pages, and we're thrilled to share that enthusiasm with you. Dive into this month's handpicked selection, curated with love by our team, and discover your next favorite read among our Booksellers' top picks.

Tegan--Bookseller, Goldsboro, NC

The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley


"This book made me feel every emotion from love to sorrow to joy.  It had such a unique premise, being a time-travel romance AND a spy thriller.  It is everything you could ever want from a book. It tugged at the heartstrings and made me laugh in equal measure.  It was truly a wonderful work of fiction."

Timothy--Bookseller, Midlothian, VA

Ed Mitchell's Barbecue by Ed and Ryan Mitchell


"It's my favorite time of year, grilling season. This book definitely gave me some new ideas on things from how to start the fire to new recipes I have been trying out. Everything has come out top notch so far, so if you love to grill as much as I do, this is the book for you."

Kamari--Bookseller, Davenport, IA

Eclipse by Wilder Poetry


"Not only is this book aesthetically pleasing, it's also riddled with amazing poems. My favorite from it happens to say something along the lines of  "it takes the sun 365 days to walk around the earth. it's okay if it takes a while to get where you want to be." (pg 86)

This statement really means a lot to me as I'm older--I thought I'd reach certain goals, and have yet to reach others. I really love the self-love this book promotes as well as the grace that it offers to its readers. If you enjoy poetry, I highly suggest you read this one, or really any of Wilder Poetry's books."

Kyler --Bookseller, Conway, AR

Monster by Naoki Urasawa  


"This thrilling and twisted series is about a hospital’s top surgeon, who saves the life of a young child who grows up to become a serial killer. Now faced with the fact that all of blood the boy spilled is on his hands, the surgeon takes on a mission to stop the boy…  By any means possible. 👀"

Brooke, Bookseller, Findlay, OH

Where the Dark Stands Still by A.B. Poranek  


"This book was great!  The atmosphere was very interesting and whimsical.  It had similarities to Howl's Moving Castle, which I love.  The ending was heartbreaking but great.  Loved it."

Jason--Bookseller, Huntsville, AL

You Never Know:  A Memoir by Tom Selleck


"Have you ever wanted to know how Tom Selleck became an actor or why he did not play Indiana Jones or why he chose the movies he played in?  Then this is the book for you.  He goes into details about his career as an actor and more.  He even has a chapter devoted to his military career during the Vietnam war.  This memoir gives you the true story behind Tom Selleck life and career.  The best thing is reading the chapters on Magnum PI and then watching the show again to get a behind the scenes view of episodes from Tom's point of view."

Alexis—Bookseller, Somerset, KY

Someone You Can Build a Nest In by John Wiswell


"This book was a spectacular read! It touches on sensitive topics, such as familial abuse, but also has themes of body horror and gore, so it is not for those who cannot handle such depictions.

The book follows a shapeshifting monster named Shesheshen, who finds herself being hunted down due to a supposed curse she has put on a wealthy family.  However... Shesheshen's kind does not have that kind of power.  Injured and on the brink of death, a young woman finds her and nurses her back to health.  Her kindness, her physique, and her warm smile have Shesheshen feeling like she would be a wonderful parent--or really, a place for her to leave her eggs.  But when she goes to tell the woman who she is, the woman has a very dire question.  She's looking for the monster that cursed her family, and... has Shesheshen seen it?

Someone You Can Build a Nest In is a cozy-yet-horrific read for those who are LGBTQ+, enjoy a little horror with their romance, or even just enjoy the idea of being able to sympathize with a monster who, in all reality, just wants to live her life in peace.  The love interest is a plus-sized woman who is never depicted in a negative light, but rather as a very strong, very loving woman who, as a trauma response, would give all of herself up for anyone who needed it.  There are even asexual aspects in the book, which I loved!

All in all, I think this book would be a great read for anyone who picked it up."

Griffin--Bookseller, Pottstown, PA

Red Rabbit by Alex Grecian


"If you were driving on the interstate several decades ago, you would undoubtedly have seen and probably stopped at a Stuckey's store.  Stuckey's was along the roadside and a favorite stop for kids and adults alike to refresh, refuel, and enjoy novelties, candies and the world-famous Pecan Roll which made Stuckey's a household name across the nation.  Sadly, in recent years, the popularity has declined, for various reasons.  This book is the story of how the granddaughter of the founder of Stuckey's bought the company from investors, took on the seemingly insurmountable task of bringing new life to a once thriving company and the trials and successes she encountered along the way.  This read is guaranteed to bring back fond memories and provide encouragement to anyone facing what seem to be impossible odds.  Don't miss this one!"

Kiaya--Bookseller, Terra Haute, IN

Tales of the Titans by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, and Javier Rodriguez


"This book is perfect for new and old fans of the DC superhero team the Titans.  It features four stories starring Starfire, Raven, Donna Troy, and Beast Boy.  Watch as the superheroes struggle and overcome their fears and work towards making the world a better place."

Kaylee--Bookseller, Waterford, CT

How it Feels to Float by Helena Fox


"A touching, tear jerking novel about losing a loved one.  Filled with heartbreaking moments, the reader follows Biz on her journey of grief and finding herself again after the death of her father."

You can head to your local Books-A-Million to chat with your friendly, neighborhood Booksellers.  We’re sure they’ve got the perfect book recommendation, just for you.

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