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November Fiction Book Club

November 2, 2020
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November is here and it's the perfect season to snuggle up with a good book! Our fiction book club pick has been passed around the office with rave reviews. While it might make you cry, Misty's story will also remind you that we are all so much stronger than we ever believed.

Misty’s holler looks like any of the thousands of hollers that fork through the  Appalachian Mountains. But Misty knows her home is different. She may be only  ten, but she hears things. Even the crawdads in the creek have something to  say, if you listen. All that Misty’s sister Penny wants to talk about are the  strange objects that start appearing outside their trailer. The grown-ups  mutter about sins and punishment, but that doesn’t scare Misty. Not like the  hurtful thing that’s been happening to her, the hurtful thing that is  becoming part of her. Ever since her neighbor William cornered her in the  barn, she must figure out how to get back to the Misty she was before — the  Misty who wasn’t afraid to listen. This is the story of one tough-as-nails  girl whose choices are few but whose fight is boundless, as her coping  becomes a battle cry for everyone around her. Written by a survivor of sexual  abuse, Every Bone a Prayer is a beautifully honest exploration of healing and  of hope.

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