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July 1, 2022
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For fans of historical fiction, Kate Quinn is back with a World War II story about three female code breakers. 

The year is 1940 and England is preparing to fight the Nazis. Three very different women travel to Bletchley Park to do their part to fight the enemy. Bletchley Park is where the best minds in Britain are trained to break the German codes. Osla is the girl with everything. She is a beautiful rich debutante who has even received roses from Prince Philip of Greece. But she wants to prove herself as something more by using her fluent German to help her country. Mab is from the East End of London and is no stranger to poverty. She has a knack for using the code-breaking machines as she looks to escape her past and find a husband. Beth is shy and from a local village, but her ability to solve puzzles leads her to be one of the few female cryptanalysts at the Park. These three women will be torn apart by the war, loss, and the secrecy their jobs require. 

It is now 1947, and the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Philip gives post-war England a chance to celebrate. A mysterious encrypted letter brings the three friends back together to solve one final mystery. The key to this code lies in the betrayal that destroyed their friendship, but the three women must put this aside to stop a traitor from their Bletchley Park past. Told from the viewpoints of all three women, this thrilling historical read is both immersive and inspiring.

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