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March 3, 2022
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The Queen's Council series may be centered on beloved Disney Princesses, but these historical fantasy novels prove that not all fairy tales are for children.

Rebel Rose is a bold and haunting continuation of the story of Beauty and the Beast. In it, Belle finds herself torn between her humble origins and her royal calling.

It's 1789, the Enchantress's curse has been broken, and Belle is living in a lush palace beyond any home she could have imagined while growing up a commoner. With the French Revolution simmering ever closer to home and a magic mirror offering up a dire warning, Belle will have to make a choice: Accept the crown she never wanted and find the courage to rule as queen, or risk everything she holds dear.

This is the first book of the Queen's Council series, an empowering fairy tale reimagining of the Disney Princesses and the real history behind their stories.

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