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November 2, 2021
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Beautifully crafted, darkly evocative, and pulsing with suspense, Snow is "the Irish master" (The New Yorker) John Banville at his page-turning best.

Historical thriller fans will love this intricately crafted thrill ride by Booker Prize winner John Banville, which "deftly demolishes the Agatha Christie format" (New York Times Book Review).

Set in 1957 Ireland, the mystery centers on a family whose deepest secrets begin to come to light when a parish priest is found murdered in their ancestral home. When Detective Inspector St. John Strafford arrives to investigate, he must unravel an ever-growing web of tightly held secrets in this close-knit community. Will he be able to uncover the truth before the secrets—like the heavily falling snow—obliterate it forever? 

Snow marks the first book in Banville's series of books about unflappable Irish detective St. John Strafford. Once you've finished it, we wouldn't blame you for diving straight into the next book, April in Spain.

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