Cultural Points of View
Cultural Points of View

LGBTQ+ Fiction

June 6, 2023
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Books-A-Million remains committed to promoting diverse voices, and this month, we celebrate the affirming stories told by the LGBTQ+ community. Only a small sample of our extensive selection of Pride literature follows: a list of recently published books with characters experiencing queer themes of identity, love, belonging, and joy. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Pride month!

“I realized, that she had been spoon-fed a story from the day she was born. She had been taught no other way to be. And yet, I saw that despite everything, some part of her was self-made. This part, small as it appeared at first, was forged in the fire of her own strength, and resisted her cage. And I understood...that this part was made of steel. The part who she truly was.”― Samantha Shannon, The Priory of the Orange Tree
“Henry looks Philip square in the face and says, “I’ve been gay as a maypole since the day I came out of Mum, Philip.”― Casey McQuiston, Red, White & Royal Blue
"Life is too short, and love is too long."
Tamsyn Muir, Nona the Ninth
“They were inventing their own type of relationship, one that wasn’t officially recognized by history or immortalized in poetry or song, but which felt truer and less constraining.”
Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life
“I renamed myself Ari. If I switched the letter, my name was Air. I thought it might be a great thing to be the air. I could be something and nothing at the same time. I could be necessary and also invisible. Everyone would need me and no one would be able to see me.”
Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
“There has to be more to life than just imagining a future for yourself. I can't just wish for the future; I have to take risks to create it.”― Adam Silvera, They Both Die at the End

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