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Introducing, Pray in May!

May 5, 2020
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During this unprecedented time of turbulence, many customers, associates, and authors are turning to their faith to hand over their worries. Our new virtual prayer series, Pray in May, aims to offer support, comfort, and community from some of our favorite Faithpoint authors during this chaotic time.

As Sherry White, our Faithpoint buyer puts it, Pray in May provides “prayer to calm the heart, soul and mind.” We could all use a little more calm right about now.

Or as Sheila Walsh, who kicked us off on Sunday put it: “Pray through to break through. Pray the hardest when it is hardest to pray.”

Join us on Facebook throughout the month of May for virtual discussions, Q&A’s, and prayer. Here is the full schedule:

We hope this series brings you encouragement, strength, and prayer from some our favorite women of faith.

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