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July 1, 2021
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If historical fiction is your literary weakness, then you'll love taking a step back in time with Lisa Wingate's The Book of Lost Friends. Inspired by post-Civil War newspaper ads placed by newly freed slaves seeking lost friends and loved ones, the book takes an unflinching look at the upheaval of Reconstruction in the South.

"Wingate makes history come alive. ... Historical fiction fans will appreciate the authentic articles and the connection between modern times and the past, while adventure lovers will enjoy a voyage reminiscent of Huckleberry Finn." —Booklist

The story covers a lot of ground, beginning in 1875 Louisiana as readers embark along with three determined young women upon a dangerous journey toward Texas. From there, the events pick back up in 1987 Louisiana—where a first-year teacher in an impoverished community begins to piece together the story of that long-ago journey and those committed women. The unlikely connections and surprising revelations she uncovers could change everything.

This book will get you thinking (and talking with your book club) about historical truths that may never have crossed your mind—such as the heartbreaking plight of freed slaves seeking to reconnect with lost loved ones. And, just like those profound thoughts and the vivid emotions they evoke, The Book of Lost Friends will stick with you long after you've turned the final page.

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