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July 1, 2021
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Fans of Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed and Best Friends Forever will fall head over heels for Big Summer—a sparklingly witty and poignant story about the intricacies of female friendship, family, and finding what matters most.

"Part dissection of female friendships, part murder mystery, part social-media tutorial, part love story, and—the best of them all—part portrait of an overweight, under-confident striver." —The Wall Street Journal

After a friendship-ending fight, Daphne and Drue severed ties and didn't look back. Until one day six years later, when Drue reappears in Daphne's life with a pretty bold request: for Daphne to be Drue's maid of honor in her glamorous Cape Cod wedding.

Those expecting a fun and entertaining read won't be disappointed—but there is even more to unpack here. Big Summer features well-developed characterizations and a supremely relatable protagonist. It also tackles multi-layered themes like body image, self-esteem, and the complex dynamics of female friendships with grace and insight.

You might want to extend your book club meeting time for this one. You'll surely be discussing well into the night.

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