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Books For Every Type of Mom

April 18, 2023
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Moms are dynamic. To fit them into any one category would be tragic, so we’ve curated a wide range of absorbing and inspiring books for all the smart, sweet, and wild sides of the women who raised us.

Upgrade your gift to Mom with an autographed edition, a hardback copy, or a Books-A-Million Gift Card. Mother’s Day is May 14th!

Hopeless Romantic Mom
Freshly-picked flowers. Handwritten notes in your lunchbox. Perfumes for every mood –  these moms delight in sweetness.

Academic Mom 
Colossal vocabulary. Gives New York Times subscriptions as gifts. Never met a tote bag she didn’t like – these moms push you to succeed. 

Always Offering You Food Mom
Never believes you're not hungry. Requires family dinners at the table. Knows every kitchen life hack – these moms have a stocked fridge you can count on.

Sentimental Mom
Asks about your feelings. Embarrasses you constantly with her affection. Cries during sappy commercial breaks – these moms know vulnerability is a strength.

Nature Mom
Bird feeders on fleek. Doesn't need an app to identify all the trees and flowers. Encourages new adventures – these moms have a wild side.

Mom of Faith
Says “bless your heart” and really means it. Leaves daily inspirational quotes on your mirror. Thinks anyone in their villain era just needs a hug – these moms remind you that rain comes before the rainbow.

Artsy Mom
Oversized sweaters and paint-splattered boots. Enviable messy buns. Professional color therapist – these moms encourage your truest self to shine.

Mystical Mom
Keeper of enigmatic wisdom. Always knows when you’re fibbing. Not afraid of your dark side – these moms untangle the mystery.

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