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April 29, 2022
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“Weiner, the undisputed boss of the beach read, is back with another stunner." —The New York Times

Daisy Shoemaker should be happy. On the surface, she seems to have it all together: a successful cooking business, a beautiful home in the Philadelphia suburbs, and a husband and teenage daughter. But she can’t sleep. She’s up all night trying to find the source of her discontent.

While Daisy is struggling to make sense of things, she starts receiving emails meant for a Diana Starling, whose email address is only one punctuation mark different from her own. And Diana seems to have everything that Daisy is looking for. Diana appears to be a successful single woman making important decisions in the business world, attending fancy events, and living a glamorous life miles away from Daisy’s much quieter day to day.

After they figure out the email mix-up, Daisy and Diana decide to meet, and they strike up a friendship. But as they get to know each other, they start to see that maybe this encounter was not completely accidental.  

This book club selection explores the scars of the past, the uncertainty of the future, and how friendship can sustain us through it all. This poignant and moving story is written with all of the wit and insight that we have come to expect from Jennifer Weiner.  

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