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April 7, 2022
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"The #1 author of the hip-hop generation." -Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

After more than 20 years, Sister Souljah returns with the highly anticipated follow-up to The Coldest Winter Ever. The story picks up right after Winter Santiaga has completed a 15-year prison sentence for a crime committed by her drug-dealing boyfriend. While Winter has revenge on her mind, the lure of power and money leads her to a reality TV show that's all about her. But before she can make her way back to the top, she is shot just as she walks out of prison, by someone she has betrayed. She finds herself in the Last Stop Before the Drop, a kind of purgatory that forces her to face her troubled past. 

How will Winter’s fate be decided? Will she find her way to mercy? A poignant exploration of faith, redemption, revenge, and self-reflection, Life After Death is an utterly original tour de force that will challenge any reader.

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