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7 Tips from an Introvert: How to Survive Social Distancing

March 16, 2020
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So, you're an extrovert-- maybe you actually talk to people on airplanes or you genuinely enjoy small talk. And all of the sudden, you are being forced to social distance and you have no idea what to do. Nights in? What are those?Well, do not worry! I have spent my entire life as a hardcore, commited introvert, someone who willingly practices social distance. And together, we will get through this quarantine.

1. Get comfortable

Put on your favorite pair of Harry Potter socks. Make your very own blanket fort. Pull out your unicorn back rest. Welcome to your hibernation. This is a scary time to be in the world, but the best thing we can do for each other is stay away from each other. That means getting as cozy and comfy as we can possibly be. Wash your hands, crawl under the covers, and give yourself permission to relax.

2. Have two more books than you think you need

At least. It's amazing how many different books people are reading right now! Maybe you want to totally escape this world by reading Sarah J. Maas's new adult book, House of Blood and Earth. Or maybe you're needing to read Glennon Doyle's Untamed, which explores how to be brave. Did you just get done binging Witcher and need proof that the books are actually better? No matter what you're reading, you need to grab two extras. In tumultous times, some reach for escapism and some reach for reality. No matter what, it's always good to have backup books.

3. Learn some skills

All of those things you've always wanted to do but haven't had time because you were out extroverting? Well, it's finally time! Pick up your crochet needles and learn how to use your camera. Better yourself. When the quarantine is over, you can come out with a whole new hobby. You've spent years saying you really want to find time to learn Spanish-- well now, you actually have time to start.

4. Clean

Eventually, you might have to get out of bed. When you do, your house might be a little bit in disarray. But now you can finally practice the magic of Marie Kondo (except the books, of course. Don't get rid of the books!). Or Martha Stewart can help you bring a little bit of order to your life. When life feels chaotic and out of control, cleaning can relieve some of that stress. It will give you a little bit of control back.

5. Cuddle your dog

Good news: your dog cannot pass on COVID-19. Your dog literally wants nothing more for you to spend all your time with him, and all of the sudden, you're quarantined. You can make all of your dog's dreams come true! Get out your favorite toy, stay at least six feet away from everyone else in the world, and take your dog on a long walk with a fancy new leash. Play fetch in your apartment. Triple up on your cuddle time. The world might be a little chaotic right now, but more you time is truly all of your dog's dreams come true.

6. Play games

If you're quarantined with your best friends, it's time to pull out Cards Against Humanity. There's nothing like mixing inappropriate laughter and social distancing. For a little bit more kiddo friendly, go with Kids Against Maturity. No worries, though-- if you're totally alone, even better! You can get started on an Edgar Allen Poe 1000 piece puzzle, or you can use friction and frustration to play the Grecian Glass Bottle puzzle.

7. Self-Reflect

Maybe the scariest of them all-- it might just be time to spend a little bit of time with yourself. Big Magic, one of my personal favorite books, forces you to look at your life and find your creative spirit, even as an adult. Unfu*k Yourself celebrates getting out of your own head-- maybe something you need in quarantine. For a soul jerker, Katherine Schwarzenager Pratt wrote The Gift of Forgiveness, a book on people who have done the unforgivable and been forgiven. Take some time to read, breathe, and reflect.

Most importantly: wash your hands and stay safe.

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