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Posted on Jun 5, 2018 in Top Picks, What We're Reading Now

What We’re Reading Now, June 5th Edition

If you’ve been anywhere near a bookstore lately, you’ve probably already heard about James Patterson and Bill Clinton’s new one of a kind thriller that released yesterday. But if you need a little more help navigating the week’s new releases, here are a few other books that may not be on your radar. Check out our guide to what we’re reading this week.


The Word is Murder, by Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz reinvents the classic crime novel (again) in this inventive new book. The New York Times bestselling author of Magpie Murders and Moriarty introduces a new series with this smartly crafted mystery that features a fictionalized version of Horowitz himself as Watson to a present-day Holmes, disgraced detective Daniel Hawthorne. The case they investigate has everything you’d want in a mystery–buried secrets, murder, and clues galore. Pick up your signed copy today!

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How Hard Can It Be?, by Allison Pearson

When Allison Pearson’s debut novel was published in 2003, Oprah Winfrey called it “the national anthem for working mothers.” In this follow up to the mega-bestselling I Don’t Know How She Does It, Kate Reddy is back and facing her 50th birthday, her husband’s midlife crisis, her parents’ and in-laws’ failing health, and her impossible teenage children.


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Lincoln’s Last Trial, by Dan Abrams and David Fisher

In the summer of 1859, Abraham Lincoln was hired to defend twenty-two-year-old Peachy Quinn Harrison, who was on trial for murder in Springfield, Illinois. At that time, Lincoln had been a lawyer for two decades, and had been involved in over 3,000 cases, but this would prove to be his last, and biggest, case, propelling the largely unknown, self-educated lawyer into the national spotlight. Lincoln’s Last Trial vividly tells the story of this final murder trial that began the lawyer’s presidential campaign–a case that’s still relevant today. (Signed copies are available for a limited time!)


Little Do We Know, by Tamara Ireland Stone

Stone’s bestselling teen and middle grade novels never fail to deliver heartfelt stories that readers can relate to on a deep and personal level. And Little Do We Know is no different. Hannah and Emory haven’t spoken in months. They used to be best friends, but one fight changed it all. Things were said that could not be unsaid. Now, as Emory prepares to head to college and Hannah faces unexpected family issues, they need each other more than ever. But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to forgive each other. Not until some secrets come to light.


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