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Posted on Jun 27, 2018 in Top Picks, What We're Reading Now

What We’re Reading Now, June 26th Edition

Looking for summer reading inspiration? Check out our guide to this week’s new releases.

All We Ever Wanted, by Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin’s riveting new novel will hook you from page one. The Brownings have it all: they’re wealthy, happy, and justifiably proud of their son Finch, who has just been accepted to Princeton. But a scandal is about to change everything.

Nina Browning married up, and has enjoyed living comfortably among Nashville’s elite after growing up small-town middle-class. But she wonders sometimes if she’s gotten a little too comfortable. In the same city, but a world away, Tom Volpe is a single dad who works multiple jobs to support his daughter. Lyla, a scholarship student at Windsor Academy with an absent (Latina) mom, doesn’t always fit in.

When Lyla passes out drunk and half-naked at a party, Finch snaps a picture that spreads like wildfire. The Brownings and the Volpes are thrown into a humiliating scandal, and Nina finds herself shocked by her son’s and her husband’s reaction to the wrongdoing. She soon finds herself siding with Tom and Lyla, questioning her relationship with her family and the life she’s built. Giffin weaves a story full of complex characters who face impossible questions about who they really are.

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Going to the Mountain, by Ndaba Mandela

To the world, Nelson Mandela was a revolutionary leader and humanitarian who changed the course of South African history in immeasurable ways. To Ndaba Mandela, he was grandfather. In Going to the Mountain, Ndaba Mandela gives his one-of-a-kind perspective on his historic grandfather, who raised him from age eleven. He tells of his own journey, from growing up in the Soweto ghettos to moving to the presidential mansion. Ndaba Mandela goes on to discuss the challenges he and his country face today as he carries on his grandfather’s legacy. The book, ultimately, is about the power in each of us to change someone else’s life. It’s a great way to prepare for the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday next month.


The Game of Hope, by Sandra Gulland

Based on the real-life autobiography of Hortense de Beauharnais, the teenage girl whose mother married Napoleon Bonaparte, The Game of Hope is a charming novel about a girl whose life was forever changed when she was forced to play a role she didn’t choose. In 1798 Paris, Hortense might seem to be an ordinary aristocratic girl. She attends an elite boarding school, she daydreams about Christophe, a friend of her brother’s, and she spends her time writing music, reading, and painting. But her life is far from ordinary. Her stepfather is soon to be the most powerful man in France, and her future is uncertain.  With charming depictions of Revolutionary France, Sandra Gulland’s novel offers the unique perspective of a teenager with a front-row seat to history.

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The Plot to Destroy Democracy, by Malcolm Nance

The Plot to Destroy Democracy presents a thorough and convincing case for how Putin and his spies stole the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Author Malcolm Nance (author of The Plot to Hack America and Defeating Isis) argues that through blackmail, espionage, assassination, and psychological warfare, Russia fixed the election and threatened the fabric of western democracy.

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