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Posted on Jan 5, 2017 in President's Picks, Top Picks

President’s Pick: “In the Great Green Room” by Amy Gary

Our President is a voracious reader, hungry for books. He consumes them as though they were Saturday lunches, fine dinners, brunches lit by the morning light. He has good taste, if you will.

So when the President says there’s a book he’d like to promote, we are ardent to tell you. We are solid advocates of his selections because they are sturdy. He pegs them, dead-on, for what they are. And what they are is always in good taste. The President knows narrative.

For your own narrative – for you, from us – we suggest you pick up the President’s Pick. As you read it, we all hope you will be changed. He hopes so, too.




In The Great Green Room
by Amy Gary

“Amy Gary’s In The Great Green Room is as brilliant and bold as the literary life she chronicles. The amazing story of Margaret Wise Brown will inspire readers and all of those who would aspire to a Writer’s life.”

Picked by our
President and CEO,
Terrance G. Finley


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