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Posted on Jan 3, 2017 in Expert Picks, What We're Reading Now

New Fiction to Start Your Year

Looking for some great new fiction to start the year? Here are two of our top picks for this week.


Aravind Adiga, whose 2008 debut novel The White Tiger was awarded the Man Booker Prize, releases a new novel this week, Selection Day. The novel focuses on two brothers growing up a Mumbai slum, raised by an obsessive father who’s determined that the boys’ only way up and out is through cricket. While Manju Kumar and his older brother Radha do have the talent to succeed in the sport, Manju feels uncertainty—about himself, and about what success actually means. Adiga’s brilliance is in his ability to portray the many faces of India—from the crippling poverty to the dazzling privilege.


William R. Forstchen’s The Final Day continues the bestselling One Second After series. Set in an America that’s rebuilding after an electromagnetic pulse wipes out all electricity, leaving the country in darkness and chaos, The Final Day shows protagonist John Matherson as he seeks to reestablish the order that’s been lost. Can an America with no Constitution and no accountable Armed Forces be united again, or are John and his cohorts on the brink of revolution?

Be sure to also check out the first books in the series, One Second After and One Year After.


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