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Posted on Aug 5, 2016 in Expert Picks

‘The Girl Before’ by Rena Olsen


Review by Eileen Dilbeck—Rena Olsen has truly set the stage for great expectations with her debut novel “The Girl Before”.

The story opens with Clara being forcibly taken from her home, away from the husband she cherishes, and the daughters to whom she is completely devoted. Relentlessly questioned by her captors, she refuses to divulge information about her husband or their life together; she is alone, confused and afraid. What Clara is about to experience will force her to confront both her past and present.

The Girl Before deals with the horrendous business of human trafficking and abduction. While the subject matter is both difficult and disturbing, the book is painful yet profound. Clara is both a victim and a perpetrator, and with Olsen’s masterful writing, Clara’s character comes to life.

The Girl Before is s stunning literary debut that will leave you with hope that we can always do better, that those who are broken can be healed.

I recommend this books as a ‘must read’ this year.


The Girl Before by Rena Olsen

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