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Posted on Jan 30, 2017 in Expert Reviews, What We're Reading Now

Review: Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson

Review by Joyce McKinnon – On Izzy Poole’s high school graduation day, she breaks the news to her art teacher: she’s pregnant with his child. Smart and tough though she may be, Izzy soon finds herself alone, afraid, overwhelmed, and out of options. So when she meets Dr. Preston Grind, a quirky young child psychologist who invites her to join an experimental community called the Infinite Family Project, she doesn’t have any choice but to accept.

Funded by an elderly billionaire who has fond memories of the orphanage she was raised in, the Infinite Family Project brings together ten infants who will be raised communally by nineteen parents (Izzy is the only single mother). Feeding, changing, disciplining, teaching, and any other parental duties are all shared by the group. The children don’t even know who their birth parents are until several years in, with the goal being that parents and children alike will be better adjusted if the family unit is nebulous and family responsibilities are distributed among a community.

And there at the center of this Perfect Little World are Izzy and her son, Cap. Despite her many doubts, Izzy knows that without Dr. Grind and the Infinite Family Project, she wouldn’t have stood a chance.

You can probably guess that the Utopian ideal of the IFP is doomed. Jealousies, disagreements, affairs, and drama get in the way of the experimental community short of its proposed ten year span. But the heartfelt, funny, and emotional novel Kevin Wilson has given us is enduring. His creativity engages the reader, asking you to think about what family can mean, and what family should mean.

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Joyce McKinnon is the Books-A-Million assistant buyer for fiction, poetry, and new age.

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