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Posted on Feb 7, 2017 in Category Spotlight, What We're Reading Now

This Week’s Spotlight Fiction


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
Master storyteller Neil Gaiman offers a brilliant version of the great Norse myths. Odin, Thor, and Loki come to life in Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, in which we see the great myths through the imagination of a writer who has drawn so much inspiration from them.


All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai


All Our Wrong Todays is the compelling new speculative fiction novel from award-winning screenwriter Elan Mastai. The novel imagines our world today as it was imagined in the 1950s—a technologically advanced sci-fi utopia (think flying cars and moon bases). But when protagonist Tom Barren experiences a time-travel mishap and finds himself in our 2016 (complete with completely different versions of him, his family, his career) he must make a decision about which reality we were meant to live in.


Echoes in Death by J.D. Robb


Echoes in Death from J.D. Robb is the latest thrilling installment in the Lt Eve Dallas series. When Eve and her billionaire husband Roarke encounter a naked, bloody, and confused woman stumbling in front of their car, they fall headfirst into a chilling new case. Daphne Strazza and her husband Dr. Anthony Strazza have apparently been robbed and ransacked, leaving Anthony dead and Daphne too shocked to provide many useful details about the perp. All she can offer is repeatedly referring to him as “the devil.” If you love a good police procedural, this is a great place to dive in to J.D. Robb’s bestselling In Death series.


The Turn by Kim Harrison


Kim Harrison returns with The Turn, a prequel to the Hollows series. What do you get when you cross a genetically modified tomato that was created to feed the world with the government’s new tactical virus? Plague. The paranormal species must choose: stay hidden and watch as humanity dies, or reveal themselves and try to save them.


Always by Sarah Jio


New from bestselling author Sarah Jio is Always, a touching story about the resilience of love. Kailey Crane can hardly believe her good fortune: she’s got a fabulous job and a perfect fiancé. Following a romantic candlelit dinner, Kailey goes to offer her leftovers to a homeless man on the street and is shocked when their eyes meet. The stranger is actually the broken shell of the man who was the love of her life, the man who left her suddenly ten years before. As the narrative alternates between past and present, with the 1990s Seattle music scene as a colorful backdrop, Sarah Jio weaves a heart wrenching tale of love lost and found.

The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak


The year is 1987 and Billy Marvin leads a happy, nerdy life. But all that changes when Playboy magazine publishes photos of Vanna White and Billy and his friends just have to get their hands on it. Standing between the boys and the successful execution of their plot to steal the magazine is Mary Zelinsky. And Mary Zelinsky just might change Billy’s life forever.

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle


Universal Harvester is the haunting new novel from John Darnielle, author of the National Book Award nominated Wolf in White Van. It’s the late 1990s in small town Iowa. Jeremy works at the Video Hut, mostly to keep him out of the house. But something odd starts happening: mysterious footage begins appearing on the VHS tapes. The peaceful town suddenly feels haunted and disturbed. Suddenly overcome with a sense of foreboding, the town, and the lives of its inhabitants, will never be the same.

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