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Posted on Feb 9, 2017 in BookPage Reviews, Top Picks

BookPage’s Top 10 Books – February 2017


Are you looking for your next great read? The BookPage editors have some suggestions. Check out their Top 10 books from the February issue.



by Min Jin Lee

Family Saga
Korean-American writer Min Jin Lee follows her acclaimed debut, Free Food for Millionaires, with Pachinko, the sweeping story of a Korean family struggling to find love, fortunate, and a sense of belonging in a culture that regards them as aliens.
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Behind Her Eyes

by Sarah Pinborough

Readers on both sides of the Atlantic are buzzing about Behind Her Eyes, Sarah Pinborough’s love-triangle mystery with a mind-blowing twist.
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A Really Good Day

by Ayelet Waldman

Frustrated by years of unresolved pain and mood swings, Ayelet Waldman resolved to try one last, desperate treatment: microdoses of the psychadelic drug LSD.
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This Is How It Always Is

by Laurie Frankel

In Laurie Frankel’s touching third novel, This Is How It Always Is, the challenges of parenting – and keeping secrets – are magnified when a family’s fifth son decides he’s a girl. Frankel tapped her own experiences as the parent of a transgender child in crafting this sensitive story.
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Once We Were Sisters

by Sheila Kohler

In Once We Were Sisters, novelist and acclaimed short story writer Sheila Kohler ponders her privileged South African upbringing with her older sister, Maxine, and the suspicious circumstances of her sister’s death at age 39. Was it a car accident – or murder?
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The Animators

by Kayla Rae Whitaker

A rich authentic look at creative partnerships, Kayla Rae Whitaker’s sparkling debut novel The Animators follows Mel and Sharon, who meet in college and build their shared love of cartoons into a thriving film business.
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All Our Wrong Todays

by Elan Mastai

Time Travel
All Our Wrong Todays, a riveting novel about a time traveler from an alternate reality who ends up in our technologically backward current era, earned Canadian screenwriter Elan Mastai a million-dollar book deal and a film rights sale to Paramount Pictures.
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Six Encounters with Lincoln

by Elizabeth Brown Pryor

Published after the tragic death of the author, Six Encounters with Lincoln offers an intriguing new perspective on our most-revered president by examining six of his lesser-known meetings with citizens.
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The Patriots

by Sana Krasikov

Cold War
A former 5 under 35 honoree of the National Book Foundation, Sana Krasikov traces three generations of a Russian-American family in The Patriots, starting in the 1930s when Florence Fein leaves her Brooklyn home and moves to the Soviet Union.
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by Ragnar Jonasson

Do we need yet another scintillating Scandinavian noir? Yes we do, especially one that has the Agatha Christie touches of Snowblind, a chilling mystery by Icelandic writer Ragnar Jonasson.
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