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Posted on Dec 15, 2016 in Fandom, Top Picks, Your Next Favorite Book

The 4 Epic Worlds You’ve Never Read About

First things first, this will not be your typical list. You’re not going to see Middle Earth, Westeros, and the Star Wars Galaxy. Those are too obvious, and there are plenty of other places you can read about those.

Instead, we want to help you expand your horizon. We’re going to look beyond the blindingly obvious and explore new worlds. So sit back and relax while we highlight the beautiful, well-developed and well-written worlds you might’ve missed in modern fiction.

The Powder Mage Trilogy

You know how teachers always stress the death of Louis XVI and the chaos of the French revolution? Start there, and add in a layer of traditional magic, a type of literal gunpowder magic, and the return of living gods. Welcome, folks, to the Nine Kingdoms of The Powder Mage Trilogy.
Here we see the old worlds of traditional magic come face-to-face with the beginning of modernity: the gunpowder age. Politics have become national and global. And one man’s actions can upset the balance of an entire world. The Powder Mage Trilogy flips conventional fantasy and sword-and-sorcery novels on their head.

The three novels and the complementary novellas and short stories are gripping and well worth the read.

The Far Stars Trilogy

The Far Stars trilogy is a series of hard military and adventure science fiction novels set on the lawless, decentralized frontier of the Far Stars. While we often think of space exploration, colonization, and the far future in terms of centralized powers ruling over vast swathes of the galaxy, these novels take a different stance.


While an empire does rule the vast majority of space, the Far Stars is almost beyond their reach. Protected by a bottleneck of sorts, the emperor is prevented from sending his overwhelming forces to bear. Only a small sector in the Far Stars are under the nominal control of the emperor.

The planets of the Far Stars fight amongst themselves. The political situation is complicated, and it’s about to get worse. A new power is rising on the planet Celtiboria, and the emperor’s agents are bringing their resources to bear. Yet, the series revolves around a mysterious mercenary and his small crew who are drawn into the middle of the broiling conflict.

EVE Universe Novels

The EVE Universe is different than any of the other series on this list. The EVE novels are based on an MMORPG released in the early 2000s that persists today.
Larger in scale than many other games, players are able to engage in economic competition, warfare, and politics with other players. It’s completely unscripted, and the game has evolved well beyond the control of the developers. It even holds the record for largest and most expensive player-versus-player battles in gaming history, taking over 21-hours and costing roughly $300,000 to $330,000.

Needless to say there is a wealth of background material. Readers can find three EVE novels currently: two establishing the political and military situation at the beginning of the game and another standalone, in-game-mission-like novel.

The Moontide Quartet

The Moontide Quartet features a massive world with rich details and background information. The world-changing creation of the magi and souldrinkers gives birth to the Empire, a fantastic near reimagining of the Roman Empire.
Now ruled by the emperor and the magi aristocracy, the Empire has practically conquered an entire continent. With the discovery of a new continent to the east, the emperor and his magi look to subjugate the entire world. Yet the coming war has implications and dangers that could even destroy the empire

A large cast of characters with varying viewpoints and roles further an already deep fantasy world. It’s a fantasy reader’s dream.
There are obvious choices for a deep, well-built, and engrossing world in fiction. Yes, we all love Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and The Lord of the Rings. But those are well hashed series. Even the uninitiated are aware of these worlds.

While we always want to help you enjoy the classics and your old favorites, our job is to keep you up-to-date on the new and noteworthy.

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