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Posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Announcements

Alton Brown Shares His Home Cooked Meals in EveryDayCook

Television celebrity and iPhone wielding chef, Alton Brown has released a new cookbook assembled with the everyday cook in mind. Brown insists that the recipes included in EveryDayCook are “food I cook and eat on a day-to-day basis.” The photographs were all taken with an iPhone and are worthy of framing. Don’t miss this one — everyday meals for the EveryDayCook.



My name is Alton Brown, and I wrote this book. It s my first in a few years because I’ve been a little busy with TV stuff and interwebs stuff and live stage show stuff. Sure, I’ve been cooking, but it s been mostly to feed myself and people in my immediate vicinity which is really what a cook is supposed to do, right? Well, one day I was sitting around trying to organize my recipes, and I realized that I should put them into a personal collection. One thing led to another, and here’s EveryDayCook. There s still plenty of science and hopefully some humor in here (my agent says that s my wheelhouse ), but unlike in my other books, a lot of attention went into the photos, which were all taken on my iPhone (take that, Instagram) and are suitable for framing. As for the recipes, which are arranged by time of day, they re pretty darned tasty.

Highlights include:
Morning: Buttermilk Lassi, Overnight Coconut Oats, Nitrous Pancakes
Coffee Break: Cold Brew Coffee, Lacquered Bacon, Seedy Date Bars
Noon: Smoky the Meat Loaf, Grilled Cheese Grilled Sandwich, EnchiLasagna or Lasagnalada
Afternoon: Green Grape Cobbler, Crispy Chickpeas, Savory Greek Yogurt Dip
Evening: Bad Day Bitter Martini, Mussels-O-Miso, Garam Masalmon Steaks
Anytime: The General s Fried Chicken, Roasted Chile Salsa, Peach Punch Pops
Later: Cider House Fondue, Open Sesame Noodles, Chocapocalypse Cookie

So let s review: 101 recipes with mouthwatering photos, a plethora of useful insights on methods, tools, and ingredients all written by an award-winning and influential educator and tastemaker. That last part is from the PR office. Real people don t talk like that.

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