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Posted on Oct 14, 2016 in Fandom, Fandom Articles

Attack on Titan Anthology > Q&A: 2 Authors + an Artist

The manga megahit Attack on Titan, reinterpreted by some of comics’ top talent.


Attack on Playtime for Attack on Titan Anthology BAM Fried Pie Edition


Attack on Playtime for Attack on Titan Anthology BAM Fried Pie Edition How challenging is it to write for different companies simultaneously, such as your work on Jonesy and Green Lanterns? Does it take effort to remember different publishers’ standards or rules?
It’s part of the job, so you gotta make it work. But when it comes down to it, the rules aren’t that different between Green Lanterns and Attack on Titan. It basically comes down to, be a good guest. When you are invited to a friend’s house, you relax and have fun. But you don’t start tearing down the drapes (unless you are invited to do that, too).

What’s something would you do with the Star-Lord character if you were given total free rein and didn’t have to worry about standards of continuity, content, or good taste?
I would probably write him as a washed-up gameshow host on an alien planet. A story just oozing with ennui, pathos, and whiskey breath.

How do you feel adding onto well-established universes that are still growing with every comic? What are some things you keep in mind while contributing?
Well, you keep in mind that you are the latest creator in a long, storied tradition. But then again, comics aren’t even a hundred years old yet. That’s nothing, compared to ballet or opera! There’s so much to explore and accomplish in comic books. We’re all kids here.
legendary-star-lords_0785196250      green-lanterns-vol-1_1401267750      green-lanterns-vol-2_1401268498



draws The Illustrated Guides to the Glorious Walled Cities for “Attack on Titan Anthology”  BAM Fried Pie Edition



What’s your process like?
Three years ago I began working digitally, I thought it would be a slow transition but it was really fast, in one month I quit all paper, I only print the script!

I read the script, I read it a lot, from begin to end and I try to understand all that the writer wanted to tell, conscious or unconsciously, if I can I comment it with the writer to get the exact feel.
After that it’s quite easy, I doodle on the very script what the story suggests, first in a panel per panel way, after that, in the Cintiq, I work on page layouts, then a sketch I can send to the editor to approve and final art. Easy.

How do you use references for your art? Do you enjoy drawing from life or using photographs?
I use as much as I can, I try to find the flavor of reality in them… who do I want to lye? I think it was Wally Wood who said, “if you can copy it, copy it, if you can trace it, trace it, if you can paste the photo… do it”.

How do you draw female characters who aren’t super-feminized and male characters that aren’t super-masculine? Where is the balance there, for you?
I try to draw a character, the personality, who he or she is, the body type and everything comes later.
What’s your favorite part of working with Marvel been so far?
Working with the characters I’ve always loved, it’s great when you draw a character for the first time and you don’t need to do a previous sketch study. I always loved Rachel Summers, it was very natural to draw her like she had always been there. That’s the feel.
What general advice would you give to someone who hopes to pitch to one of the “big two” comic publishers someday?
Work, work, work… There’s no mystery, there’s no formula, work a lot, be critic with your work and don’t look at what other people do, show them what makes you unique.
How do you feel adding onto well-established universes that are still growing with every comic? What are some things you keep in mind while contributing?
It’s a geek sensation, it’s like when you hare in a shop talk but for real. As an artist I don’t have that much chance to decide what happens, but I decide how the readers will see it.

all-new-wolverine_0785196528      captain-marvel-carol-corp_0785198652



Skies Above for “Attack on Titan Anthology” BAM Fried Pie Edition



What is it like writing for an iconic character like Lara Croft? What did you try to keep the same, and what were you excited to change?
‘It’s hard work! Mainly because you’re working in the AAA game space, where there’s a lot of money and expectations at stake, therefore you exist in a near constant headwind of pressure and feedback. Despite the fact that we depicted Lara in an earlier stage in her life, I like to think we kept a lot of the qualities that people associate with her such as: tenacity, bravery, resourcefulness and obsession. We just chose to depict those elements at a stage where they were just bubbling to the surface and truly being tested.

I was also glad to depict her as someone who had shunned their family’s wealth and attempted to be independent by their own means, such as working several jobs to help get her through university. I felt that was a little more relatable (especially in the current climate) than her previous incarnation as a wealthy playgirl heiress who globe-trots around the world and has all the guns and gadgets she needs. She’s definitely more scrappy than before too, and a little less refined.

tomb-raider_1616558180      mirrors-edge_1401225225

The manga megahit Attack on Titan Anthology, reinterpreted by some of comics’ top talent.

Ship Date: October 18, 2016


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Featuring original stories by a long roster of comic superstars such as Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire), Gail Simone (Batgirl), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers), Paolo Rivera (Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man), Cameron Stewart (Fight Club 2, Batgirl) and Faith Erin Hicks (The Adventures of Superhero Girl) This unprecedented, full-color collaboration between East and West will be released first in English, making it indispensable for Attack on Titan fans and curious comic fans.
Rated: Older Teen Ages 16 and up.

Non-exclusive edition ships October 18, 2016


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