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Posted on Aug 8, 2017 in Announcements, Fandom, Fandom Articles, Just In

Fried Pie Cover Reveal: The Walking Dead Here’s Negan


The Walking Dead arguably has some of the greatest, most sadistic, and evil antagonists in comics: The Governor, The Saviors, The Whisperers, and billions of mindless, flesh-eating zombies. Even when compared to the impressive Marvel and DC rogues galleries, these men and women are pretty bad. But few are worse than Negan.

Armed with Lucille and the worst ideas of social Darwinism, Negan is the most iconic villain in a series of iconic villains.

However, much like everything else in The Walking Dead, there’s always a backstory. Now, it seems, it’s time for fans to learn more about Negan’s story.

Pulling together a series of 4-page chapters published in Image+ in 2016, Here’s Negan explored Negan’s backstory in bite-sized chunks. Fans were treated to a wealth of information from the Lucille’s origin to Negan’s evolution to psychopath and the founding of The Saviors. Unfortunately for many fans, if you subscribed late or missed an issue, you missed an important part of the story.

No need to worry if you missed it. For the first time, the entire Here’s Negan storyline is being collected into one book. And Fried Pie has a variant cover to celebrate both Negan and The Walking Dead’s upcoming 15th Anniversary.

The book is expected to publish in October, but why wait? You can go ahead and pre-order your copy today exclusively at

In the meantime, here’s an exclusive look at Fried Pie’s variant cover for The Walking Dead’s Here’s Negan.

Fried Pie variant cover for the Walking Dead's Here's Negan graphic novel