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Posted on Jun 22, 2016 in Movie Trailers

The Trailer for ‘Into the Forest’ is Eerily Awesome


Before everyone got all dystopian on us, the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre undeniably reigned supreme in “future fantasy” literature and film. You might remember a book from the 90’s by Jean Hegland, called Into the Forest. No?

into the forestA quick refresher: two sisters live alone with their parents in a Redwood forest in Northern California. One day the power goes out and all the gas stations run out of fuel. They stick it out in the house as long as they can, but are forced to leave when their supplies run out. What ensues is a very plausible story about survival as society falls to pieces around them. Yeah, that book. Still not ringing a bell? Pick up a copy online and give it a read.

Anyway, someone decided to turn this excellent post-apocalyptic novel into a movie; judging by its trailer, that was probably a wise choice. The preview for Into the Forest is eerie — in large part due to the background music — and looks like it could definitely turn some heads at the box office this summer. The cinematography alone is breathtaking. In fact, it might be the most promising true post-apocalyptic (not including Mad Max: Fury Road, because any comparison against that is just unfair) since I Am Legend, a good adaptation of the novel of the same name (which was way better than the movie, by the way).

The movie stars Ellen Page (Juno) and Evan Rachel Wood (Running With Scissors) as the sisters; Patricia Rozema (Mansfield Park) directs. You may have already caught the early release on DirectTV Cinema, but if you haven’t, check out Into the Forest in theaters on July 22.

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