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Posted on Dec 22, 2016 in BAM! Publish

BAM! Publish > How Bookstore Marketing Can Attract A New Market of Readers

This program gives you a great advantage when it comes to gaining and keeping fans. We’re opening up an entirely new demographic of readers for you: those who prefer printed books. They want to feel the paper in their hands in order to complete their reading experience. BAM! Publish makes it easy to produce your book in multiple formats: print and eBook.

There’s a higher perceived value with paper books, especially when you combine them with a personalized event like an author signing. There is no feeling like writing a personalized message for each reader and signing on the title page of your book. Ask any reader to list their most valuable books, and they will undoubtedly include signed volumes. Your ability to sign your name on the page makes your books worth more, and increases the sales outlook because of it.

The reason social media works so well with authors is that readers can get to know you, eventually seeing you as a friend or someone they can converse with directly. The days of an aloof author who rarely answers fan mail are gone. Successful authors today are those who engage with their fans on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. If all this online contact can increase your book sales, imagine what meeting your fans face-to-face will do! Having a book signing every time you publish a new book is a great way to convert strangers into fans every single time you go. Your die-hard fans will show up every time, and that makes for a great scene, but you’ll also meet new readers. In-store events will be your opportunity to get to know them, invite them onto your social media pages, and make them feel included in your group of fan insiders.

Books-A-Million has processes in place for creating book signings for you, both alone and with other authors in your niche. They do the marketing work, figure out all the logistics and even take care of ordering your books for the event. All you have to do is show up and interact with your fans. If you advertise the event on your social media pages and have your street team or super-fans spread the word, you may even have groups making road trips just to spend an hour or two with you. This is how you make fans for life, and it doesn’t cost you anything except time and effort.

The payoff, on the other hand, can be enormous. Imagine a group of dedicated readers who will buy every single book you publish for the rest of your career. Next, imagine how willing they’ll be to talk their friends into coming to your next gathering. Great fans are your biggest marketing tool, and spending time with them is the best way to create them.

Get started today!

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