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Posted on Dec 24, 2016 in BAM! Publish

BAM! Publish > How Book Clubs Can Help You Book Marketing Effort

Book clubs are huge right now with everyone from millennials to senior citizens. People are looking for fun ways to spend time with friends and discussing a favorite book is at the top of a lot of lists. The book club market can be very lucrative, and our program can be the key to getting an edge into that market.

Some book clubs are designed around different genres, such as romance clubs or cozy mystery clubs, but many of them simply rotate members recommending a preferred book they have recently read. No matter what type of book you write, you’ve got a chance at being a book club choice. Some groups even discuss non-fiction books. You’ve just got to put out a book with compelling writing, words that keep readers coming back for one more chapter.

Make it easier for book club members to choose your books by creating discussion pages for each one. Look at the discussion pages on some of the more popular latest bestsellers to get an idea of the types of questions they enjoy. Try open-ended questions about your characters and their motivation, ask for predictions on alternate endings or look to significant points in the story and have readers discuss the way things happened. Create a page on your website for book club questions, and give readers the ability to print out these pages for themselves. For books you write in the future, include the discussion questions at the back of the books. Add a note in your book description on sales pages, as well as the back of the book, to let readers know about your questions and your possible availability for email contact or personal appearances.

When it comes to the meetings themselves, most book clubs meet in members’ homes. Books-A-Million has the ideal alternative for that in their Joe Muggs Cafes. Many of the stores feature a full service coffee shop right in their location. With the comfortable seating, friendly baristas serving coffees, teas and other hot drinks, and a tasty assortment of tempting baked goods, a Joe Muggs Cafe is the perfect place for book club members to meet. They can indulge in a fun evening, and the rest of your catalog will be handy on the shelves for members who want to read more of what you’ve written.

If you’ve got an email list you already use for newsletters and fan interaction, you’ve got a golden opportunity to create a list of book clubs across the country. Create a program for your book clubs and invite your list members to be a part of something special and new. People love to be brand ambassadors for things they covet. Engage the fans on your email list to be the leaders of your book clubs, and encourage them to invite others to create additional clubs. Guide the groups by giving them new discussion topics each month, hold contests and give out small prizes and offer to visit the group with the most active members to sit in on their meeting. By allowing your email list members to become exclusive brand ambassadors, you’ll get hundreds or thousands of people doing marketing for you, and doing much more than you could by yourself.

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