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Posted on Dec 21, 2016 in BAM! Publish

BAM! Publish > How Authors Can Better Brand their Book!

Branding is the best way to make your name and books stick in readers’ minds before they go on a book-buying trip. In simple terms, branding is a consistent style that you use every time you produce something for readers to see.

All the most famous authors already use branding; it’s just so subtle you may not realize it. Think of Stephen King and the covers of his books. He uses the same font on every title, no matter what picture is behind it. That font has become so connected with King’s work that when the television series Stranger Things used the same font, thousands of people suspected that Stephen King secretly wrote part of the show and used the font as a wink to his fans.

The basic idea behind a brand is to make your work recognizable. When someone spots one of your books on the shelf at Books-A-Million, you want them to immediately know it’s your work. That recognition gives the readers a nudge, making them more likely to buy the book once they see it.

Your branding begins with your book covers. Choose a font that reflects the genre you write in. If you’re not sure what this means, look at the top 100 selling books in your chosen genre to see the similarities. Romance books have flowery cursive fonts on some part of their book, science fiction covers have more angular, square fonts, and thrillers are definitive and strong. Find a font for your book that fits in with the style and stick with it for every book you write from now on. If you’ve already published some books with a variety of fonts on their covers, consider updating those covers in the future. It will pay off in the long run.

Create a style or signature. Some authors use the same font as their book titles, while others find a font that speaks to their own personal style. Whichever you choose, use a clear font that is easy to read. Pick a color that you can live with, because you’ll be using it on everything you do for years to come. Basics are the best: black, red or dark gray work with a number of backgrounds. If you want to add a logo to your signature, play around with online logo makers or consult a graphic designer to find a design you like. Don’t get too elaborate; a plain signature that’s recognizable is much better than one with a logo that just clutters up the page.

Create an online presence with an author website. Design or have a banner header designed for your static web pages. Use this banner header on your website, your Facebook fan page, newsletters and anything else you create for your marketing activities. Use your signature and place it on a background that fits in with your genre. Your headers will change from time to time; don’t get too attached to them. You’ll want to add book covers as you publish more work, or change backgrounds when you find ones you like better. The key is to stick with the same signature, font, and the color scheme. Like with your book covers, the goal of branding is for readers to immediately recognize your website, your email newsletter, and your Facebook page without having to read any of the content. It’s the familiarity factor that sells more books, time after time.

Get started today! 

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