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Posted on Dec 8, 2016 in Author Spotlight, Featured Author

Naomi Judd’s “River of Time” Chronicles Her Struggles with Depression and Illness

Naomi Judd Headshot

Naomi Judd is a country music superstar. She won five Grammy Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards, and nine CMA Awards alongside her daughter Wynonna Judd. The mother-daughter duo was one of the most successful country music acts ever. But success isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, and demons don’t just disappear.

Her book, River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope, chronicles her intense struggle with abuse, disease, and depression.

Naomi is a survivor. Born to a blue collar family in 1946, she faced sexual assault, family tragedy, and emotional neglect as a child. Naomi found herself pregnant and reluctantly married at the young age of eighteen. Naomi’s marriage later collapsed, leaving a beaten and battered mother of two without financial support in an unforgiving Los Angeles, CA.

As a single mother, Naomi put herself through nursing school to support herself and two young daughters, Ashley and Wynonna. But she wasn’t satisfied with just getting by. Naomi took a leap of faith and moved her family to Nashville to pursue a career in country music.

Naomi comprised one half of a duo aptly named The Judds with her daughter Wynonna, the mother-daughter duo rose to country music stardom. The Judds sold 20 million records and remain country music legends, but it wouldn’t last.

Fame and fortune aren’t a magic cure for the ills of a beaten and battered mind. Naomi’s greatest struggle wouldn’t arise until her reunion tour with Wynonna in 2011 when she was diagnosed with Severe Treatment Resistant Depression and Anxiety.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Naomi described her struggle with severe depression that began during The Judds reunion tour. “I would come home and not leave the house for three weeks and not get out of my pajamas, not practice normal hygiene. It was really bad.”

By working closely with her doctors and sojourning on, Naomi was able to once again overcome her struggles. “I wanted to write this book because what I’ve been through is so extreme . . . because it was so deep and so completely debilitating and life-threatening, and because I have processed and worked so hard for these last four years,” she said. “If I live through this, I want someone to be able to see that they can survive.”

Naomi Judd's River of Time Book Cover

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