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Posted on Dec 1, 2016 in Author Interviews, Author Spotlight

“The Magnolia Story” with Chip and Joanna Gaines


So, why write a book?

Chip: Well, we’ve been considering it for a long time. Fans of the show were really interested in knowing more about our story—where we started, how we started… even how we met. And the more we considered it, the more excited we became about the possibility. And we’re glad we did. The whole process was just fun, from the initial writing all the way down to recording the audiobook. We loved it.

What was the writing process like for you two?

Chip: It was like reliving all the memories we’ve stored up over the years all over again. I think we were both surprised at how many details we both remembered! Most things felt just like yesterday.

Jo: We both had an equal part in writing this book, but I’ll be honest, Chip surprised me with how much he loved the whole process. I’d wake up to find him sitting on the porch making copy edits at 6 a.m., or call to talk something over and get his voicemail, only then to get a quick text, “Working on the book! Call you back in ten.” It was fun for me to see him really take to it.

What do you think will surprise readers the most in The Magnolia Story?

Jo: Our first date story! Most may be surprised by how much Chip did not sweep me off my feet in the very beginning. But, of course, he did get there. Eventually.

What memory had you forgotten until you started writing the book?

Chip: We hadn’t thought about our honeymoon in a long time. We basically drove around the New York state countryside for days and days, just exploring and getting lost together. The best part of that memory is what we came home to. That’s one story from the book you’re not going to want to miss. My bad, Jo.

Jo: Oh, it’s long been forgiven, Chip.

Waco looms large in The Magnolia Story – how has that town been part of your success?

Chip: This town is our home—our entire story together begins here. Waco will always be special to us, and we love that. We’ve been flipping and renovating homes for clients in this area for thirteen years. And we love that the city has continued to support us and see us through this journey.

If you had to point to an underlying theme or themes in the book – a theme that has guided your marriage, your business and your lives – what would that be?

Jo: I guess you could say it’s, “Trust your story.” I think we could both agree that these three words have been a theme, not just of the book, but of our lives together. You have to trust that it’s not all going to be easy and it’s not all fun, but it’s going to be an adventure. And it’ll definitely be worth it.

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